Felipe Gaspar

Country:     Guatemala
Region:       Huehuetenango
Producer:    Felipe Gaspar 
Variety:       Caturra
Process:      Washed, sundried on patio
Elevation:   1.700 - 1730 meters
Profile:        winey aroma, fresh strawberries, papaya
                     creamy body

Felipe Gaspar


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Felipe Gaspar Ramires is a first-generation coffee producer in the town of Concepción Huista in Huehuetenango region. During the harvest Felipe makes sure only the ripest cherries are picked which results in total of four picking passes on the farm. The cherries are depulped the same day of the picking and fermented in water for 48 hours. After the fermentation the coffee is washed with clean water and soaked for another 12 hours in water. The coffee is then dried on a patio in the sun for at least six days.

The name of Felipe’s farm is local indigenous language Popti. The farm is located between Concepción Huista and Canalaj villages and therefore was named as “Yulm’on Canalaj”.

“We started 10 years ago by establishing the farm, which was quite difficult due to the cost of the supplies and plants. At that time, I worked as a labourer and earned only Q 40.00 ($5.22) per day which from I supported out family and saved to buy the plants”, tells Felipe.