Shembati Butaganzwa #4

Country:     Burundi
Region:      Kayanza
Producer:   Salum Ramadhan  
Variety:      Bourbon
Process:     washed
Elevation:  1800m
Profile:       mandarin, orange, sirupy

Shembati Butaganzwa #4


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The cherries of this lot were collected from the smallholder farmers in and around the Butaganzwa colline (hill) in the Kayanza province. 

This lot stood out for its intense and syrupy mouthfeel combined with sweet citrus notes.

The elevation at the washingstation is high, and climate is cool, meaning it’s easier to control the fermentation time. The traditional fermentation and washing process in Burundi is a lengthy procedure with double fermentation (dry and wet fermentation) before soaking. The double fermentation is a labor intensive process that also requires a lot of water, and creates more wastewater. They changed the process to reduce water usage, labor, increase capacity and avoid over fermentation.

They generally do a 12 hour dry fermentation. It’s then graded in washing channels in to 3-4 grades based on density before 12-18 hours soaking time in clean water.

From there it goes to pre drying under shade with handpicking of wet parchment before entering the elevated and sun exposed drying tables. Drying normally takes 15 – 20 days depending on the climate and rainfall. It’s not uncommon with rain during the drying, and they have to be quick to cover up the parchment when they see the clouds are building up.