Country: Ethiopia
Region: Bombe village, Daye Bensa, Sidama
Cup Score: 88
Cup Profile: vanilla custard, nectarine, passion fruit, cinnamon notes, creamy and soft
Process: natural
Altitude: 2230 masl
Varietal: mixed Heirloom Varietals
Size: 250g
Brew: for all brew methods

This coffee is named after the Bombe Mountains which is the area where most of the farmers who grow and contribute cherry to this lot live and work. Producers from Bombe as well as from Shantawene and Keramo communities have been delivering their best cherry to the Bombe site since the harvest season of 2017/18. It’s here that the lots are separated by quality into fermentation tanks and specific drying locations. The Bombe site layout is organised in such a way that allows for special processing techniques, such as shaded fermentation tanks and washing channels as well as mesh shaded drying tables The wet mill is organised and run by a team including a female agronomist.


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