Country: Ethiopia
Region: Gerba, Bulehore region
Cup Score: 87
Cup Profile: violets, apricot, cooked berries, lemon cordial and praline, creamy long finish
Process: natural
Altitude: 2100-2300m
Varietal: mixed Heirloom Varietals
Size: 250g
Brew: for all brew methods

The station now processes coffee cherries from up to 150 local growers, on farms that range in size from 0.5-8ha and are located 2,200-2,300masl. The producers in this area have faced various challenges over recent years, with labour costs making the traditional way of harvesting more expensive, a lack of fixed price for the cherries making forward-planning and transportation issues difficult. Shonora has addresses these problems through investing in improved transport infrastructure, as well as providing interest-free advance payments to the larger farms to help with harvest costs. Each year, Shonora rewards farmers who supply the best cherries to the station, creating an incentive to strengthen their relationships. The lots are named after the producers. Shonora Coffee has also committed to building a local school, as there are at present only two schools in the area, which are a significant distance from some of the farms. In addition, they have established a scholarship scheme for two children, in collaboration with one of the top schools in southern Ethiopia to cover school and living expenses for four years. They also have plans to build a health centre in 2022. This lot comes from the Gerba washing station. 220 small holders contributed cherry to this lot that is produced by the Gerba washing station. In this area coffee is grown under native shade trees. Coffee cherries are laid out in thin layers and dried on raised beds for approximately 15-21 days depending on weather. During this time the coffee cherries are constantly turned throughout the day to ensure even drying. During the initial drying all under-ripe cherry is sorted out. This has been the traditional way of processing for many years in Ethiopia.


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