El Clarinero

Country: El Salvador
Region: Santa Ana
Cup Profile: plum and orange with raisin and arounded toffee
Altitude: 1200-1600
Process: washed
Varietal: red bourbon

El Clarinero is a lot that has been curated and blended by the Alvarez Family at the EL Borbollon Mill based in Santa Ana. El Clarinero is named after a local blackbird that inhabits the region and farms located on the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano. The bird is known for its harmony of beautiful sounds which led to the creation of this name for the harmony of this coffee coming together from three farms.

The three farms in this blend are Santa Maria, La Reforma and El Cerro who are all run by the Alvarez Family. They have been growing coffee in this region for over 100 years with a long history of quality from this area. The Family run the El Borbollon mill where the coffee is delivered after being hand picked on the farms.

Once at the mill the coffee is then pulped and fermented in tiled tanks overnight until the mucilage is loosened enough to be washed off. The coffee is then washed and floater/immature parchment removed. From here it then goes to the clay patios where it is dried for about 14 days.

After this the coffee is then left to rest and each lot is the cupped by the head of QC, Luis. He cups all the coffees in their lab assigning their quality. This lot has been blended by his skill and knowledge of the coffees from this region.

El Clarinero

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