Eli Espinoza

Country: Peru
Region: Alto Pirias, Chirinos, Cajamarca
Cup Score: 86,25
Cup Profile: strawberry cream, blackberry jam, vanilla custard, passion fruit, it makes your mouth water
Altitude: 1850 masl
Process: natural
Varietal: mixed Heirloom Varietals
Size: 125g
Brew: filter

Eli Espinoza is the owner of 4 hectares of coffee in the village of Las Pirias in Chirinos. Eli has a few parcels of land spread across the village, some planted mostly with typica, others with caturra and bourbon. Eli processes all his coffee at his house, which sits at 1800masl and his farms are all between 1800 and 2000masl. Eli came to the area as a teenager looking for work on farms, and he started out picking coffee in the village. After a while he was able to buy his own land, a house and started working to produce his own coffee.

The coffee was washed and floated, before undergoing a skin drying process under shade for one day. The coffee was then moved to a solar drying tent, where it dried under controlled conditions for 45 days.

Eli Espinoza

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