Gerba Shakicha Lot1

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Gerba, Guji
Cup Score: 88
Cup Profile: blueberry and mango with jasmine hints, juicy peach, sweet dark chocolate body
Altitude: 2200-2300m
Process: natural
Varietal: heirloom
Owner: Shonora Coffee

Shonora Coffee was established 30 years ago by Shonora Gata, with a wet coffee processing station in Sakicha and a farm near the town of Gerba. In the past three years, Gata’s two sons Adugna and Morkata have taken over the station, overseeing various changes and improvements such as expanding the station and updating the machines. 

The station now processes coffee cherries from up to 150 local growers, on farms that range in size from 0.5-8ha and are located 2,200-2,300masl. The coffee is grown under shade trees in rich volcanic soil, using no chemical fertilizers. Some producers also grow other crops – for example enset (Ethiopian banana) and corn – amongst the coffee, but this is generally for their own consumption. All the coffee is hand harvested before being delivered to a collection centre or directly to the washing station. 

At the washing station, the cherries are laid out in thin layers and dried on raised beds for approximately 15-21 days, depending on the weather. During this time, the cherries are constantly turned to ensure even drying, and any under-ripe cherries are removed. 

Gerba Shakicha Lot1

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