Kabira lot #4

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Agaro, Jimma, Western Ethiopia
Cup Score: 89
Cup Profile: jasmine, tangerine marmalade, raspberry and notes of mango, floral and creamy
Process: natural
Altitude: 2000 – 2100 masl
Varietal: 74110, 74112 and Heirloom
Size: 250g
Brew: for all brew methods

Mustefa Abakeno is a smallholder with 18 hectares of land near Agaro in the Jimma Zone of Western Ethiopia. His farm is located at 2,040masl and is planted with coffee varieties from the Jimma research centre. Mustefa has a small disc pulper that he uses to wash-process half of his coffee; the other half is dried as a natural. Due to a lack of water in the area and limited space to ferment the coffee, Mustefa ferments the pulped coffee for a short period (8 hours) before he moves it to his drying beds (for 13-16 days), and the result is something like a light honey.

Kabira lot #4

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