Wadi ALMAA #2

Country: Yemen
Region: Harazi
Cup Score:
Cup Profile: almond, cotton candy, toffee, blueberry
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Altitude: 1700-2100m
Varietal: jaadi
Size: 125g
Brew: filter

Haraz has been known since ancient times for the production of the finest Yemeni coffee, where coffee trees are grown in its valleys, and watered from its rivers, and therefore it is not strange that the city of Haraz is one of the most important monuments in Yemen.

Coffee farmers are serviced by 9 collection points, to which they deliver beans every 3-4 days in the season. Mocha Mill, where the coffee in this package comes from, has been working here for 4 years. Cooperation with local farmers began with providing them with knowledge about the production of high-quality coffee.

Wadi Al-Maa was selected to run experimental processing batches due to the location, water availability, and the natural profile of the cup. The Mocha Mill team was able to work with growers throughout the season to implement harvest plans to care for the trees and then during the harvest season to ship the freshly harvested cherry directly to their wet mill.

Wadi ALMAA #2

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