Country: Ethiopia
Region: Aleto Wondo, Sidamo
Cup Score: 86,25
Cup Profile: yellow peach, cream, fine milk chocolate, sweet structured and well balanced
Altitude: 1950-2000m
Process: washed
Varietal: Mixed Heirloom Varietals
Size: 250g
Brew: for all brew methods

This coffee comes from the Aleta Wondo region located high up at nearly 2000masl in the fertile forests near to Lake Abaya in the upper Gidabo River basin. Coffee trees here grow under shade of native tree such as Cordia African and Passiflora Edulis and is gorwn near to the sources of the Ganale Dorya and Dawa rivers in the Aleta Wendo Zone of Sidama regional state. The soil common to the area is red clay loam. This washing station is owned and run by Asefa Dukamo who has overseen the operation since 2020. Asefa has implemented improved and more efficient processing and quality control procedures on the station which is yielding great results. There is also a focus here on environmental sustainability and the encouragement of community projects. In this area, smallholder farms are on average around 2.5 hectares. Farmers are paid 70 Ethiopian Birr per kilo of cherry on delivery to the washing station. Here coffee is the main cash crop in the area, though farmers also grow spices, fruit, vegetables as well as sugar cane and false banana, as these crop support a sustainable food source for farming households. This cherries that makes up this washed lot are first sorted by density and quality by being floated in tanks of fresh water. Cherry is then pulped and moved to fermentation tanks where it rests overnight for 24 hours. After fermentation the coffee is moved through washing channels to remove remaining mucilage, and finally the green coffee is moved to raised beds for sun drying. Farmers in the area are supported though training on good agronomy practices. They have also been helped with access to health care.


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