Granja Sao Francisco - microlot

Country:     Brasil 
Region:       Carmo de Minas
Producer:    Otaviano Riberio Ceglia
Variety:       Muondo novo
Process:      pulped natural 
Elevation:   900 - 1300 meters 
Profile:        apple, melon, chocolate long, sweet, and fruity aftertaste  

Granja Sao Francisco - microlot


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Granja São Francisco (GSF) is located in Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil. It is within the highly renowned Mantiqueira de Minas (DOC) region. GSF was acquired in 1937 by Octaviano Pinto Lopes Riberio, grandfather of current owner and producer, Otaviano Riberio Ceglia. Octaviano was a successful businessman in the1930s and 1940s who had focused on the exportation of coffee.
He recognized the advantages during those years the potential the lands in
Sul de Minas offered and decided to purchase his fazenda. In taking over the fazenda, Otaviano went right into transforming the fazenda by immediately focusing on rejuvenating the coffee plantations and planting new varieties. The coffees today are cultivated between 900 and 1300 masl benetting from the region's natural make-up composed of mild temperatures, abundance of water, well distributed precipitation and ideal elevation. In 2008 a coffee from GSF placed 6th in the “Cup of Excellence”. In 2011 coffees placed 5th, 6th, and 8th.