Kingha Estate Massa

Country:     Uganda
Region:       Kinungo, Bwindi
Producer:   Kingsley Griffin
Variety:       SL 14, SL34, SL28
Process:      fermented-washed-dried
Elevation:   1350m

Profile:         berry, fruity, peach, stone fruit, sweet Clarity, lots of stone fruit and peach juice. Very smooth, mineral mouthfeel.
Sweet, juicy, mature berries. Great depth, rich mature dark fruit.


Kingha Estate Massa


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The “Massa” is a 17 bag lot, picked over the period of some weeks. 

The coffee is floated then allowed to rest as cherry for 48 hours on a tarp. After this the cherry skin is removed using a Penagos Eco-Pulper, but bypassing the demucilager, keeping all mucilage on the parchment. The beans are then fermented in a tank together with the cherry skins, and with mucilage still attached, then fully washed and dried carefully on raised tables, partially under shade and cover from the rain. We believe this adds additional complex fruity flavours during fermentation.

Massa means pulp in Swahili. We chose this name because the coffee tastes pulpy in a very good way. It's 100% of the SL28 variety. In this case it’s from the Kingha Estate itself, meaning it is a single estate coffee which is not common in Uganda.  

This coffee is part of a project with Kingha Estates and outgrowers. Kingsley Griffin, the owner of Kingha Estate, is committed to working with local farmers to improve their income, and believes different processing protocols have the potential to increase quality. All our coffees with the name Kingha Collective are coffees from small farms in Kinungu District, the same region as Kingha Estate. 

Kingha Estate is small for an estate, but much bigger than most farms in Uganda. The farm is a work in progress and they are still planting coffee trees. This harvest only produced 28 bags in total but we expect yield to increase in coming years. It's a farm with a wet mill that also operates as a communal micro washing station.