William Sanchez organic

Country:     Honduras
Region:      Opalaca
Producer:   William Sanchez Lorenzo
Variety:      Catuai
Process:     washed
Elevation:  1500m
Profile:       Blackberry, Blood Orange, Cherry, Raspberry, Nougat                                 

William Sanchez organic


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His coffee was selected as a microlot for its juicy, silky body and sweet fruit notes.

The Opalaca mountain range spreads between the arid departments of Intibuca and Lempira. Thanks to the extensive agroforestry management in Opalaca, enough humidity is preserved to successfully grow coffee in this region.

The coffee trees give a bright color to otherwise pale slopes. With attitudes ranging from 1400 to 1800 meters above sea level, there are many impressive peaks and mountainsides dotted with villages comprised of a soccer field, a church, and several houses, usually surrounded by coffee farms.

Intibuca and Lempira are the most rural departments of Honduras and are known for a strong machismo culture. It is common to see men on horseback guide cattle up to the fields while women remain closer to the home.