Buwobodeya - Environmental Protection

Country: Uganda
Region: Upper Bukyabo
Cup Score: 85.75
Cup Profile: gooseberry, black tea, white grape, praline, buttery and vibrant
Altitude: 1800-2200 masl
Process: washed
Varietal: SL14, SL28 & Nyasaland
Size: 250g
Brew: for all brew methods

As part of a series to highlight the work done by the Coffee Gardens this lot is dedicated to Environmental Protection. This arm of governance works with farmers on regenerative agricultur as well as looking at the management of waste at the station. To date they have planted over 13000 trees with 101 farmers trained in sustainable practises and 55 farmers by the National Agriculture Research Orgainsation on how to use chemicals as a last resort (Please ask for QR code for more information).

The Coffee Gardens was established in 2017 with the goal of producing incredible specialty coffee in an ethical way, offering a transparent and direct link between coffee farmers and coffee consumers. At the start of the 2022 season they dismantled their old washing station and rebuilt it a new site to be bale to expand their capacity and produce more coffee.

Buwobodeya - Environmental Protection

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