Country: Ethiopia
Region: Keramo village, Bensa
Cup Score: 89
Cup Profile: mango, custard, passion fruit, blueberry, caramel, orange peel, bourbon, floral and tropical profile with a hint of spice.
Process: natural
Altitude: 2100-2300 masl
Varietal: mixed Heirloom Varietals
Size: 250g
Brew: for all brew methods

Duwancho is a fruit that is found in the Keramo, Sidama area. This coffee is the micro-lot from the Keramo area and it has been called “Duwancho” because of the incredible fruity cup profile that it possess.

279 Daye Bensa member farmers from the Keramo village area contributed cherry to make this lot. This lot, like many of the microlots produced by Daye Bensa, are small, limited productions, enabling them to really home in on quality over volume in this case. 

As soon as the coffee is received at the washing station it gets sorted by floating for quality and density. Floaters (under ripes) are separated from the ripe cherries. The ripe cherry is then moved to African raised beds and dried from 13-15 days. The coffee is turned on the beds every 15 minutes to ensure drying is uniform, resulting in consistent quality within the lot.


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